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Greenland’s Far North Ultimate Thule

16 days

This voyage includes the Greenland highlights of our popular Epic High Arctic voyage, and explores in more depth the Thule region, synonymous with “the true Greenland” for its untouched icescapes and sparsely populated Inuit communities.

In addition to the rich cultural aspects of this large island, as we sail north through Disko Bay and Melville Bay en route to Thule (or Qaanaaq), you’ll experience magnificent nature and great chances of seeing seals, walruses, humpback whale and narwhal await us. If we can go as far as Nares Strait, we might observe the most outstanding animals of them all, the polar bear.

Day-by-Day Expedition in Brief

  • The beauty of the fjords of West Greenland
  • A chance to explore the far north, as far at Smith Sound
  • Traditional Greenlandic communities
  • Ilulissat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Unique Arctic wildlife – polar bears, walrus, , whales, and massive sea bird colonies
  • Tundra hiking for all fitness levels
  • Zodiac cruising
  • Optional kayak adventure option on selected voyages

Day 1 — Copenhagen, Denmark

Enjoy an included night in Copenhagen and meet your fellow travelers.

Day 2 — Embarkation Day in Kangerlussuaq

After landing in Kangerlussuaq, you’ll be transferred to the port and then take your first Zodiac ride out to the ship.

Days 3 to 14 — West Greenland

Ancient archaeological sites, massive fjords, Zodiac excursions and tundra hikes await you in Greenland. Sisimiut, our first planned stop, has the feel of a small fishing village with a great harbor for walking around and taking photos. You’ll get to watch a demonstration of traditional kayaking before venturing further north to Ilulissat.

Day 15 — Disembarkation in Kangerlussuaq

Today you’ll board your direct charter flight back to Copenhagen, Denmark. Upon arrival in Copenhagen, we will transfer you to your included hotel.

Day 16 — Depart

Today you can make your way home at your leisure or spend some more time in Copenhagen.
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Adventure Options Add an Extra Rush of Adrenaline to Your Expedition

Every Quark Antarctic voyage includes great daily outdoor activities including Zodiac cruises, hiking and some also offer snowshoeing. The more discerning adrenaline junkie can also choose from a range of optional adventure activities, with varying exertion levels, to experience the 7th continent in a more personal way. Contact a Quark Polar Travel Adviser to learn more about adventure options, including physical requirements.

$595 per person

Kayaking in the Arctic is probably one of the most intimate and inspiring ways you can explore the rugged coastlines and calm bays of the regions we visit.

Kayaking in the Polar Regions is highly weather-dependent, however we guarantee at least one outing throughout your voyage, but your kayak guides will take you out as many times as possible throughout your voyage.

Offered on most Arctic voyages, spaces are limited and require some kayaking experience. All equipment, guides and instructions are provided by Quark. Please contact a Quark Polar Travel Adviser for more information.

Pre- and Post-Trip Options Extend Your Stay

Every Quark Arctic voyage includes great daily outdoor activities including Zodiac cruises, hiking and some also offer snowshoeing. We also offer kayaking on most of our voyages; a great way to experience the beauty of the Arctic in a more personal way. Contact a Quark Polar Travel Adviser to learn more about adventure options, including physical requirements.

Before heading to the Arctic, take a few days in Toronto and the Niagara region. Spend a few days exploring the vibrant downtown and many culturally diverse neighbourhoods of Toronto, take in a live show or see the sights before adding an optional visit to the Niagara region. Here, you’ll stay in the lovely Niagara-on-the-Lake region and have a chance to visit some of its many award-winning wineries. We’ll also visit Niagara Falls and have a chance to dine overlooking this fabulous spectacle.

Expedition Facts

Daily Briefings and Recaps

You will have regular briefings throughout the voyage. These briefings allow your Expedition Leader and Team to provide you with information about upcoming landings and any itinerary changes that may occur. During your recap sessions you are encouraged to share your experience and wildlife sightings or ask questions about the places you have just visited.

Bridge Visits

Say Hello to the Captain and Crew

During your voyage you may be invited to visit the Bridge, where you can observe how the Captain and officers sail and navigate the ship. A map of your expedition path will be available, so you can see exactly where you have been.

Polar Library

Our ships has been stocked with the world’s largest floating library of polar book and DVD’s.  The collection includes books in multiple languages covering subjects like wildlife, history, marine biology, ecology and geology. Our DVDs include a selection of documentaries series, polar-themed films, and popular titles.