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Find an Adventure

Introduction to Spitsbergen Polar Bear Safari

Sea Adventurer

经特别设计,专为旅客提供前往世界上最偏远地区的舒适航程。海洋探险号 1976 年建于南斯拉夫,并分别于 1999 年和 2002 年进行翻新和升级。这艘加强冰级船将令您印象深刻,它可搭载 117 位旅客,拥有宽敞的休息室和酒吧以及靠窗的餐厅和走廊。

Upcoming Departures for the Sea Adventurer

Ocean Nova

Your Expedition Ship Ocean Nova: Designed to carry travelers in comfort to the most remote corners of the world, Ocean Nova was built in Denmark. This ship delivers clean, crisp Scandinavian styling with a reputation as an excellent ship in the Polar regions. Ocean Nova’s ice strengthened hull has enabled the ship to sail the ice-choked waters.

Upcoming Departures for the Ocean Nova

  • Jul 16–Jul 24, 2016 - 9 days - Sold Out