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Antarctic Explorer

This expedition offers the perfect chance to discover the best of the Antarctic Peninsula, the last continent’s most northern region. You’ll be delighted by penguins, seals and whales as they accompany you on your journey along the Antarctic coastline. La ...

Starting from…$6,700

11 or 12 days

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Start - End DateDuration
ShipAdventure OptionsStarting From
(per person)
Dec 20–Dec 30, 201411Ocean DiamondCampingMountaineeringKayakingCross-Country Skiing$7,695
Dec 29–Jan 8, 201511Ocean DiamondCampingMountaineeringKayakingCross-Country Skiing$7,695
Jan 7–Jan 18, 201512Sea SpiritCampingKayaking$11,655
Feb 4–Feb 15, 201512Sea SpiritCampingKayaking$11,655
Feb 22–Mar 5, 201512Sea SpiritKayaking$11,655
Mar 4–Mar 15, 201512Sea SpiritKayaking$8,355
Nov 7–Nov 17, 201511Ocean EndeavourCampingKayakingStand-Up Paddleboarding$6,700
Nov 16–Nov 26, 201511Ocean EndeavourCampingMountaineeringKayakingStand-Up PaddleboardingCross-Country Skiing$6,700
Nov 25–Dec 5, 201511Ocean EndeavourCampingMountaineeringKayakingStand-Up PaddleboardingCross-Country Skiing$6,700
Nov 28–Dec 9, 201512Sea AdventurerCampingKayaking$8,600
Dec 4–Dec 14, 201511Ocean EndeavourCampingMountaineeringKayakingStand-Up PaddleboardingCross-Country Skiing$6,700
Dec 8–Dec 19, 201512Sea AdventurerCampingKayaking$8,600
Dec 10–Dec 20, 201511Ocean DiamondCampingKayaking$7,300
Dec 19–Dec 29, 201511Ocean DiamondCampingKayaking$8,300
Dec 28–Jan 7, 201611Ocean DiamondCampingKayaking$8,300
Jan 6–Jan 16, 201611Ocean DiamondCampingKayaking$8,300
Jan 26–Feb 6, 201612Sea AdventurerCampingKayaking$9,800
Jan 27–Feb 6, 201611Ocean DiamondCampingKayaking$8,300
Feb 3–Feb 13, 201611Ocean EndeavourKayakingStand-Up Paddleboarding$7,300
Feb 12–Feb 22, 201611Ocean EndeavourKayakingStand-Up Paddleboarding$7,300
Feb 15–Feb 25, 201611Ocean DiamondKayaking$8,300
Feb 21–Mar 2, 201611Ocean EndeavourKayakingStand-Up Paddleboarding$7,300
Feb 24–Mar 5, 201611Ocean DiamondKayaking$8,300