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Welcome to Quark Expeditions’ Blog, an exciting online forum designed to share your experiences and hear all about what’s going on in the Polar Regions. Our blog is a place for discovery, insight, and fun! We’ve gathered stories, observations, reflections, and more showcase the remote and pristine destinations we visit and the fascinating people you’ll meet.

Visit us often to read notes from the field, browse our photos and videos, learn about the latest wildlife sightings and incredible ice, and keep up on what’s new at Quark such as new trips and ships. Blog postings are made by different writers who share a passion for Polar travel. They include Quark’s expert Expedition Team, our knowledgeable group of Polar Travel Advisers, guest experts and lecturers, staff and other fascinating folks.

And of course, we would love to hear your comments on travel, inspirational moments, travel tips, photos, and more. We hope you’ll enjoy our new community designed to promote Polar travel and pique your curiosity about the world’s final frontiers.



Moody Deception Island

This shot of Whaler's Bay, Deception Island in Antarctica in stark black and white really evokes a sense of Antarctic history.  Photo from the Quark Expeditions passenger slides[...]