Epic High Arctic: Baffin Island Explorer via Fury and Hecla 2014


Photo taken at the historic Hudson Bay Company trading post on Day 4 at Fort Ross.  

An exploration of historic Canadian sites in the Arctic, combined with abundant wildlife equals one special Arctic expedition. This in-depth adventure provides fantastic opportunities for seeing all of the Arctic’s iconic creatures, including polar bears.

Expedition in Brief:

Arctic wildlife – polar bears, whales, and massive sea bird colonies

Experience the sites of the rarely traversed Fury & Hecla Strait

Traditional Inuit Communities

Remote National Historic Sites of Canada

Cape Dorset, Canada’s Capital of Inuit Art

An abandoned Hudson’s Bay Trading Post

tundra hiking for all fitness levels

Zodiac cruising

Optional kayak adventure option on selected voyages

For more information on this incredible new voyage visit: Epic High Arctic: Baffin Island Explorer via Fury and Hecla 2014

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