Sochi 2014 Games: Olympic torch visits the North Pole


For the first time in history the Olympic flame was brought to the North Pole, on board Quark’s  nuclear-powered icebreaker, 50 Years of Victoryas part of the torch relay to the 2014 Sochi Winter Games.  The icebreaker, which departed from Russia’s Arctic port of Murmansk, made the journey in about 91 hours, the quickest  trip ever –  50 Years of Victory can take up to eight days to travel north.   Once the ship reached 90 degrees North, expedition members performed a torch relay both aboard the icebreaker and on the sea ice.

Olympic Torch Council

Torch bearers were selected from the eight member countries of the Arctic Council – Russia, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Canada, the US, Iceland and Denmark – to symbolize international unity in the region.

90 degrees North Pole

This is what polar dreams are made of and bucket lists are made for:  join the world’s most exclusive club located at 90 degrees North and celebrate at the top of the world!  How exclusive are we talking about?  Very few people can say they stood at the one earthly spot where every direction is south.  In fact, only 250 people every year are able to set foot on this pristine polar ice with Quark Expeditions.

“My experience of being on the voyage to the North Pole was nothing short of a dream.” ~ Rahul Manjar, Quark Passenger

The added excitement of helicopter excursions at the top of the world make this Quark Expeditions’ adventure a true once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Expedition in Brief:

  • Top of the World 90° N
  • Nuclear-powered icebreaker, 50 Years of Victory
  • Zodiac cruising
  • Franz Josef Land wildlife and wildflower

For more details on this life changing expedition visit North Pole: The Ultimate Arctic Adventure 2014


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