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Arctic Tern, reflected

An Arctic Tern is photographed reflected here, as it skims the water. Photo taken by passengers M.Boswell on one of Quark Expeditions Three Arctic Islands voyages.

Antarctica through the eyes of a first-timer

When it comes to booking your Quark Expeditions trip, our Polar Travel Advisers are top notch. They can guide you through the entire booking process and answer every question you can possibly think of! Why? Because they’ve been in your shoes; a first time polar adventurer, brimming with anticipation and excitement! That’s why we asked one of our PTA’s, Naomi, to tell us a little about her Quark Expeditions voyage to Antarctica. [...]

Antarctica with Quark's CEO

We asked the CEO of Quark Expeditions to tell us a little about himself and  his first experience traveling to Antarctica with Quark. Some great tips here, thanks Hans! Name: Hans Lagerweij Job title: CEO (Chief “Experience” Officer) Trip Name: Antarctica Explorer Pre-post night city: Buenos Aires Ship name: Sea Spirit Date of Travel: November 2011 1. Give a brief overview of your role at Quark and what you like most about [...]


Ice and Adventure with Quark Expeditions

So, what’s it really like to travel with Quark Expeditions anyway? We’ve put together a short highlight reel of Arctic and Antarctic voyages using actual customer and staff footage to help give you an idea of what’s in store for you when you travel with us. Breathtaking scenery, wildlife encounters, icebergs and glaciers and much more – take a quick peek at our reel and start planning your next polar adventure! [...]