Arctic Quest: Cultural & Geographical Contrasts from Greenland to Churchill

Arctic Quest, our most diverse Arctic expedition, is popular among wildlife lovers, adventurers and historians alike. This is a journey of contrasts, where you may find yourself alternately immersed in Inuit culture, in awe of naturally magnificent icy fjords, and even enjoying close encounters with walrus or polar bears. Your journey begins with an overnight stay in Denmark, before boarding a charter flight to Kangerlussuaq, home to Greenland’s largest commercial [...]

Visit Greenland: Interview with Malik Milfeldt

Malik Milfeldt, Senior Consultant, at Visit Greenland, stopped by Quark’s offices to chat about culture and travel in Greenland.  Below are  5 questions we asked Malik about this beautiful country: 1. What is the symbolism behind the Greenland flag? The flag of Greenland was designed by local artist (and Greenland native) Thue Christiansen.  The flag was adopted in 1985 and features the Danish colors. The white is symbolic of the ice and snow that [...]