Voyage update from David “Woody” Wood

Feature photo courtesy of Rachel & Barry Chapman Quark Expedition Leader David “Woody” Wood is currently aboard the Ocean Diamond, traveling on Quark’s Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica Voyage: 20 November As we sailed toward South Georgia we were blessed with gentle seas. Our last day at sea was blessed with playful humpbacks and some good views of their massive pectoral fins slapping the water. We sailed toward and around Shagg [...]

Quark interviews Polar Photographer Paul Nicklen

Feature photo by Göran Ehlmé, National Geographic Creative Can you introduce yourself? My name is Paul Nicklen and I’m a contributing photographer for National Geographic Magazine. I’m also a polar specialist in communicating the issues of climate change in the Polar Regions. What drives you to go to the Polar Regions? I continue to go to both the Arctic and Antarctica because they are the fastest climates changing in the [...]