Top 5 reasons to visit the North Pole!

1. Be one of 250 people each year to stand on top of the world 2.  Hear the sound multi-year ice breaking  aboard a Nuclear powered icebreaker ship 3. Sip champagne and toast at 90 degrees north 4. Encounter arctic wildlife and see polar bears in Franz Josef Land 5. Walk or take a helicopter ride at the North Pole   Traveling to the Arctic is without a doubt a life [...]

Guest Post: Antarctica through the Eyes of an Arctic Aficionado by Andrew White

As someone who has truly been bitten by the Arctic bug, I was chomping at the bit to see Antarctica. And as the newest member of the Quark sales team, I was looking forward to seeing a Quark expedition in action. Like most salespeople it is easier to sell something you have experienced and even easier if you are genuinely passionate about it. Would it stack up to my experiences [...]