10 things you didn't know about the walrus!

1. A walrus can hold it’s breathe under water for up to 30 minutes. 2. The adult male walrus can weigh from 900kg to 1400kg (2000 to 3000lbs) and can grow to 12ft in length. 3. Although the walruses body looks bald, it’s actually covered with a thin layer of fur. 4. The tusks of the male walrus can weight over 3 pounds each. 5. The walruses scientific name, ‘Odobenus rosmarus’, is [...]

Part 2: Journey to the Arctic with Janet & John Tangney

Janet & John Tangney have been married for almost 41 years and live in Oregon. John’s full time job is writing Computer Aided Design software, and Janet was previously a pre-school teacher and substitute teacher for high school special education class.  While John is a photo enthusiast, Janet also enjoys the hobby. They primarily go to National Parks in the USA on their travels, and love the Northwest. John had [...]