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Antarctic Explorer: Discovering the 7th Continent

This expedition offers the perfect chance to discover the best of the Antarctic Peninsula, the last continent’s most northern region. ...

Starting from…$5,495

11 or 12 days

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Start - End DateDuration
ShipAdventure OptionsStarting From
(per person)
Dec 20–Dec 30, 201411Ocean DiamondCampingMountaineeringKayakingCross-Country Skiing$6,995
Dec 29–Jan 8, 201511Ocean DiamondCampingMountaineeringKayakingCross-Country Skiing$6,995
Jan 7–Jan 18, 201512Sea SpiritCampingKayaking$10,595
Feb 4–Feb 15, 201512Sea SpiritCampingKayaking$10,595
Feb 22–Mar 5, 201512Sea SpiritKayaking$10,595
Mar 4–Mar 15, 201512Sea SpiritKayaking$7,595
Nov 7–Nov 17, 201511Ocean EndeavourCampingKayakingStand-Up Paddleboarding$5,495
Nov 16–Nov 26, 201511Ocean EndeavourCampingMountaineeringKayakingStand-Up PaddleboardingCross-Country Skiing$5,495
Nov 25–Dec 5, 201511Ocean EndeavourCampingMountaineeringKayakingStand-Up PaddleboardingCross-Country Skiing$5,495
Nov 28–Dec 9, 201512Sea AdventurerCampingKayaking$6,995
Dec 4–Dec 14, 201511Ocean EndeavourCampingMountaineeringKayakingStand-Up PaddleboardingCross-Country Skiing$5,495
Dec 8–Dec 19, 201512Sea AdventurerCampingKayaking$6,995
Dec 10–Dec 20, 201511Ocean DiamondCampingKayaking$5,995
Dec 19–Dec 29, 201511Ocean DiamondCampingKayaking$6,795
Dec 28–Jan 7, 201611Ocean DiamondCampingKayaking$6,795
Jan 6–Jan 16, 201611Ocean DiamondCampingKayaking$6,795
Jan 26–Feb 6, 201612Sea AdventurerCampingKayaking$7,995
Jan 27–Feb 6, 201611Ocean DiamondCampingKayaking$6,795
Feb 3–Feb 13, 201611Ocean EndeavourKayakingStand-Up Paddleboarding$5,995
Feb 12–Feb 22, 201611Ocean EndeavourKayakingStand-Up Paddleboarding$5,995
Feb 15–Feb 25, 201611Ocean DiamondKayaking$6,795
Feb 21–Mar 2, 201611Ocean EndeavourKayakingStand-Up Paddleboarding$5,995
Feb 24–Mar 5, 201611Ocean DiamondKayaking$6,795