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Find an Adventure

Arctic Watch Lodge

A resort for those who won’t resort to the ordinary. Arctic Watch is Canada’s most northerly wilderness lodge located on Somerset Island, Nunavut. A visit to Arctic Watch is an all-encompassing arctic safari. Visitors see thousands of beluga whales, roaming muskox, polar bears, arctic foxes, snowy owls, archeological sites and more.

Travel the land and water by foot, sea kayak, river raft, and ATV (all-terrain vehicle). Guests can climb the mountains, fish the lakes, hike through the canyons, explore the tundra, and hike around the waterfalls. The vistas are immense and sun shines 24 hours a day. The accommodations are the most comfortable facilities in the High Arctic and the food is stupendous.

Arctic Watch offers a range of unique adventure travel experiences. Everything you imagined and more, guests can experience arctic safaris, raft the Cunningham River, sea kayak with hundreds of beluga whales, hike the tundra, spot polar bears roaming the Northwest Passage, investigate the mysterious Thule ruins crafted from giant whale bones, fish for arctic char and more.

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