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David Allcorn

Logistics Coordinator

Dave was born and raised in rural England but lived in Holland, New Zealand and South Africa before moving to the Canadian North in 2005. He has a passion for the outdoors, spending most of his spare time hiking, camping and exploring in the many fascinating ecosystems around the world. He has guided safaris in many African countries and has helped on several biological surveys in the rain-forests of the Amazon. For the past nine years, Dave has lived in the Canadian Arctic, guiding polar bear and wildlife viewing tours on the windswept shores of Hudson Bay and beyond. When he’s not touring, he works as a ranger for the Canadian National Parks, constantly searching for the magnificent polar bear. Dave has great knowledge and respect for the north, its fauna and flora, its people, culture and climate, he is a big fan of the arctic winter! Dave has worked for Quark Expeditions as a naturalist guide in both Polar Regions and is looking forward to sharing more voyages with guests from around the world.