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John Suta

Member of the Expeditions Team

John calls home the rural community of Leamington, Ontario, situated 5 minutes from Point Pelee National Park, the southernmost tip of Canada’s Mainland. John’s enthusiasm for fitness and nature pulls him to the park where he enjoys bird watching, hiking, kayaking and biking with friends and family. John’s wanderlust and fun nature brought him to the Barbados in 1983, where he and his wife Minke met while both were on holiday.

Together they have three sons Robert and Brian, 24 and Mathew 19. As John is self-employed as a landscaper, mechanic and owner of a small retail bike shop, he can control his work schedule to accommodate winter travels. Over the last several years he has taken groups of cyclists to Cuba. Here he has led his groups on out-of-the-way excursions, meeting and learning local customs and experiencing their culture first hand. John has also hiked the highest peak in Cuba, Pico Turquino (1970 m). In the summer of 2006, John and Minke sailed on their first voyage to the High Arctic, where the beauty and isolation of this remote destination captivated them and John’s talents as a mechanic and his versatility had him joining the Quark team for the 2006 Antarctic season. John joins the crew for his sixth Antarctic season as Logistics Coordinator.

In 2011 John entered into the exclusive North Pole club when he was asked to crew on Quark’s, 50 Years of Victory to the North Pole.