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Mikolaj Golachowski

Marine Biologist

Mikolaj Golachowski lives in Warsaw, Poland. Fascinated with animals ever since he was born, he graduated at the Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw and began working there as a researcher and lecturer of Zoology and Ecology in 1995. His carnivore research meant spending long winter months in remote field stations in Polish forests, leading to a growing interest in colder climate zones. Upon receiving his PhD in 2002, he started working for the Department of Antarctic Biology, Polish Academy of Sciences and went to the Polish Antarctic Station Arctowski for his first over-wintering expedition as a researcher of Southern Elephant Seal population ecology and genetics. From then on, he has spent more time in polar regions than in Poland, participating in three more expeditions (two summer-only and the over-wintering of 2007-2008, when he was also the Base Commander and Leader of the 32nd Expedition) and studying his favourite seals.

For the past seven years involved with Antarctic and Arctic tourism, he enjoys travelling far away from civilisation as much as possible. When incidentally back in Warsaw, an activist of Greenpeace and WWF and a happy provider for two black cats and an introvert tortoise, he writes about nature conservation and spends his free time practising the gentle arts of Tai Chi and Aikido.