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Nicole Trudeau

Expedition Coordinator

Niki's love and passion for the outdoors was born from adventures in Canadian lakes and forests at a young age. Since 2008, she has been coordinating and guiding educational expeditions for youth in the Polar Regions. In her role at Students on Ice, she worked with over 600 high school and university students from around the world to explore and understand the Arctic and Antarctica. For the past four years Niki has been dedicated to facilitating these inspiring expeditions that both connect youth with nature and foster in them a greater respect for Antarctica, the Arctic and the Earth as a whole. Niki was heavily involved in International Polar Year, a collaborative effort to research and communicate about the Polar Regions. She coordinated and presented youth forums, delivered plenary sessions at conferences in Oslo and Montreal, worked as a member of the committee for Public Engagement, Education and Outreach for the Montreal 2012 Conference and coordinated the Polar Educators Workshop for international educators.

Niki is a member of ehPECS Canada, the Canadian chapter of the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists. Niki worked as a educator at Nunavut Sivukniksavut, a college training program for Inuit youth from Nunavut, Canada. Most recently, she calls Ushuaia home, while teaching at Portland Institute of languages. Niki has worked in the Canadian Arctic, Greenland, Iceland and Antarctica. Keen to share her passion and wonder for Antarctica, Niki works as a Quark guide, Zodiac driver and Expedition Coordinator. When not working at the ends of the earth, she rides her bike, paddles, hikes, snowboards, reads, knits and gardens. She has been living in Patagonian Argentina for the last year and is currently reading Rilke's 'Letters to a Young Poet'.