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Pamela Le Noury

Marine Biologist

Coming from South Africa, Pam is a marine scientist, PADI dive instructor, zodiac skipper and sailor, and has worked in and on the ocean just about every day for the past 15 years. After leaving school she worked in the diving industry whilst studying a BSc in zoology and physiology, and ended up managing the dive school before starting up her own charter boat business and whale watching.

She has participated in several marine research cruises, has published 3 APPS for smartphones on sharks & rays and whales & dolphins and Antarctic Wildlife, and enjoys teaching people about the oceans and conservation through her travels. Pam started expedition cruising in 2008 and has now been almost everywhere a small cruise ship can take you; 110 countries from the poles to the remote reaches of every ocean – loving life as a citizen of the sea. When not at sea – Pam is a beach bum in her home town of Umdloti.

Pamela Le Noury