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Rebecca Dryland

Kayak Guide

Rebecca, also known as Becs, is always excited to return to the polar regions and to the best job on the ship - Kayak Guiding. Becs is an Outdoor Educator from New Zealand, with a passion for adventure, and helping others discover and develop. She has a strong interest in the Polar areas, kayaking and adventures. She has spent many years working with groups in a variety of Outdoor activities, kayak instruction, hiking and working at Outward Bound, New Zealand. Also a Registered Nurse, Dairy farmer and Outdoor First Aid Tutor, Becs has a wide range of skills and experience. With a love of kayaking, running and chocolate! She is a regular competitor in mountain runs, ultras and marathons throughout New Zealand. When she isn't hanging out with the cows on the farm, or leading groups in the outdoors, Becs and her dog Bess, can be found running in the hills or adventuring on the West Coast of New Zealand.