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Simon Bottomley

Photography Guide

Coming from a fashion background, Photography has taken Simon to some of the most spectacular, but demanding, parts of the world.

Working with adventure clothing brands in deserts and frozen places he discovered his passion for landscape and exploring light.

Simon presumes this is how he was invited on his first Arctic Expedition Voyage. Since then he's been fortunate to have made many trips to both the Arctic and Antarctic as well as capturing the Northern Lights in Norway.

Simon is never happier than when he's holding his camera and gazing into a landscape which many only get the opportunity to see in a Richard Attenborough series. His aim on every voyage is to inspire others to fall in love with their cameras, understand how much they can achieve, and explore the world around them.

Simon's other passion is diving with his underwater camera. It's so much fun when the seal pups are playing in the shallows!