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Tony Crocker


Tony lives for the world's remote, wild places, of which the polar regions are the supreme examples. Since first visiting the Antarctic in 1998, he has been hooked and for the past 6 years has spent much of the year working in Antarctica and the Arctic aboard Quark vessels.

A New Zealander, Tony has a MA in French and GradDipSc in History and Philosophy of Science. His career in travel and tourism includes visits to many countries and stints of five years each in UK/Europe and Australia.

Tony has a lifelong interest in ornithology, and is acknowledged as one of New Zealand's best birders. He was editor of the OSNZ magazine Southern Bird for nine years and council member for six. Tony is active in various projects, especially involving research and monitoring of waders (shorebirds) and seabirds, including dietary studies, robust monitoring of populations and collection of age and biometric data. This has involved a number of significant international expeditions, including four months on a yacht through the South Pacific, and north-western Australia and South Korea, as well as contributing toward (and authoring) publications. For fun in his spare time he assists with other projects, such as a recent rat eradication on an island reserve after biosecurity was breached by a rodent invasion, and as an oiled wildlife response team member.

Before working extensively for the past few years as on-board ornithologist/lecturer/zodiac driver on expedition ships (including New Zealand, South Pacific, Asia, Europe, Antarctica and the Arctic) he was most recently manager of Educational Travel programmes at the University of Canterbury.