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Find an Adventure

Find an Adventure

Karine Bengualid

Marketing Manager

With over 12 years of marketing and communications experience, Karine embarked on her adventure with Quark in February 2012. As marketing manager, Karine spends her days enriching her knowledge of all things Polar and crafting campaigns to influence global travelers to see the Polar Regions with Quark.

A student of biology, Karine’s favorite Polar animals (although never seen in person) are the crested penguins (macaroni and rockhopper) as well as the gargantuan southern elephant seals. The Northern Lights (or Aurora borealis) are also on her bucket list and something she hopes to check off soon.

What advice do you have for first-time passengers?

As a first-time passenger myself, I think you need to appreciate there is only so much you can prepare for when it comes to expedition travel. The beauty of expedition travel is that you need to be flexible and understand that your voyage is really dictated by weather and sea conditions, and your expedition leader and captain will do their best to give you a truly unforgettable experience, even when Plan A doesn’t work out.

Top 3 things to pack

  1. A camera. Definitely a camera.
  2. Anti-nausea medicine (the patch is a wondrous thing!)
  3. A big appetite (for food AND knowledge AND beauty)