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Ocean Diamond

The Ocean Diamond is a modern, stable super-yacht, and one of the largest of our small expedition ships. Carrying a maximum of 189 passengers, and with two stabilizers and an ice-strengthened hull, this outstanding vessel is ideal for polar expeditions.

As one of the newest, fastest, and most eco-friendly ships in Antarctica, it is also one of the most comfortable. There are 101 elegantly designed cabins and suites, all with exterior views, and expansive common spaces, a club lounge, and a spacious restaurant. The ship offers numerous adventure options, plus on-board features such as interactions with photography instructors. After a full day of exploration, passengers can relax, browse books or DVDs in the well-stocked polar library, or enjoy stunning polar scenery from the sun-lit, panoramic observation lounge.

Passengers traveling to one of the world's most remote destinations will also do so in a "greener” fashion; the Ocean Diamond is the first ship in Antarctica, and in polar travel history, to offer certified CarbonNeutral® voyages.



  • Exterior views
  • Facilities en suite
  • Flat-screen TVs and DVD players
  • Single cabins have one double bed
  • Twin cabins have one double bed or two twin beds
  • Triple cabins have one double bed or two twin beds, plus a third pull-down berth


  • Chef-prepared meals (all meals and daily snack included)
  • Bar staffed by a professional bartender
  • Massage and wellness programs offering yoga classes, aromatherapy treatments, and massage therapy
  • Photography program with Expert-in-Residence
  • Library with a large collection of polar books and DVDs
  • Speed of vessel saves up to 12 hours on the Drake crossing, giving you more time to enjoy Antarctica
  • Internet access (review a PDF of the Onboard Internet Guidelines)
  • Theatre-style auditorium with state of the art equipment
  • Clinic with licensed doctor


  • Zodiac Cruising (included)
  • Snowshoeing & hiking (included)
  • Optional Kayaking (additional charge)
  • Optional cross country skiing (additional charge)
  • Optional mountaineering (additional charge)

Look Inside

Para conhecer a parte interna do Ocean Diamond, assista ao nosso tour panorâmico 360° da cabine. Fotos de Ken Kaminesky.

Balcony Suite

Suite - Bedroom

Suite - Living Room


Single Porthole


Ship Specifications

  • Staff and Crew: 144
  • Guests: 189
  • Length: 124 meters
  • Breadth: 16 meters
  • Draft: 4.9 meters
  • Propulsion: 2 Wichmann Engines, 7375 horsepower
  • Ice Class: 1D
  • Cruising Speed: 15.5 knots
  • Registration: Nassau, Bahamas
  • Lifeboats: 2 fully enclosed

Deck Plan

Did You Know?

Sustentabilidade – A Quark se importa

A Quark Expeditions está profundamente comprometida com o turismo ambientalmente responsável. Como membro ativo da Associação Internacional das Operadoras de Turismo Antártico (IAATO), e da Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO) (Associação das Operadoras de Cruzeiros de Expedição Ártica)

há muito tempo a Quark segue diretrizes rigorosas destinadas a assegurar que as regiões polares permaneçam intocadas por muitas gerações.

Ocean Diamond promove a primeira viagem CarbonNeutral da história

A Quark fará a compensação de carbono com o Ocean Diamond, seu navio mais novo, portanto, promovendo a primeira viagem neutra em carbono para uma região polar do mundo. Aqueles que viajarem para a Antártica, um dos destinos mais incríveis e remotos do mundo numa experiência única na vida, terão a garantia de que terão uma experiência “verde” sem custo adicional. A Quark Expeditions vai compensar uma quantidade estimada de 5.682 toneladas de dióxido de carbono equivalente (CO2e), com projetos selecionados Carbono Neutro em energia hidrelétrica e eólica e reflorestamento na Turquia, no Quênia, na Índia e na China, sendo um deles projeto padrão-ouro.