Cross-Country Skiing - Antarctic

Ski trekking is a cross between backcountry ski touring and cross-country skiing. But don’t confuse it with downhill skiing. Ski trekkers use lightweight touring skis that are equipped with special Ice Trek bindings, which provide flexibility, a crucial element when ski trekking downhill. In Ski Trekking, the group aims to trek on low- to moderate-angled terrain over snow-covered slopes and glaciated landscapes. If the incline is too steep to slide down safely, or if snow conditions change, we’ll all remove our skis and affix them to our packs and walk down until conditions are suitable to put the skis back on.

Your Quark Expeditions guides will do everything to foster a strong sense of team spirit. It’s by working together, acknowledging each other’s abilities and challenges, and looking out for one another, that we’ll tackle the wild mountain environments of the Antarctic Peninsula—just like the original polar explorers whose footsteps we follow across the hallowed 7th Continent.

What’s the level of difficulty?

Moderate: Expect uphill ski touring and hiking on low- to moderate-angled terrain of a low technical nature. Ropes will be used when traversing glaciers and occasionally for short, steeper sections of terrain if required. Previous ski trekking experience isn’t necessary but downhill or ski touring experience will give you an advantage. A good sense of balance and agility is essential.

What fitness level is required?

Moderate: The Cross-country skiing adventure option is suitable for anyone who exercises regularly, can carry a light pack (10kg/22Ib) and is capable of moving for several hours at a stretch with short stops every hour. We recommend strength-training activities such as regular walking on hills, gym work, light running, swimming and biking. Participants must be in good health with no preexisting injuries or medical issues that could potentially cause problems or difficulties during the activity.

Duration: Up to 4 hours

Elevation: Up to 500 metres

Guide to client ratio: 1:8 (2:15)

Equipment: All technical gear will be provided on the ship, including the following:

  • Lightweight touring skis
  • Poles
  • Back pack
  • Harness

Other recommended gear/clothing:

  • Baselayers
  • Mid-layers
  • Socks
  • Small fleece or wool glove liners
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses/goggles
  • Scarf/buff/neck warmer
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera


Skiing in the Antarctic

Skiing in the Antarctic

Skiing in the Antarctic

Skiing in the Antarctic

Skiing in the Antarctic

Skiing in the Antarctic

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