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Anni Summers

About Anni Summers

Mandarin Linguist


Born in Tianjin, China, Anni grew up in Illinois. After a recent stint working in Arizona, she currently lives in Dallas, Texas.

Anni has a degree in accounting and international business, as well as an MBA from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Prior to joining Quark Expeditions, she worked for the Coca-Cola Company and The Boeing Company.

An avid traveler, Anni enjoys hiking, backcountry camping and scuba diving. She also loves animals and is passionate about saving the environment. Outside of work, she likes playing the piano and drums; spending time with family, friends and her pets; and is working toward her pilot’s license.

She is looking forward to meeting all of you on board!

生于中国渤海之滨 - 天津, 黄安妮成长于美国中部伊利诺伊州,曾在美国亚利桑那州工作,现居住于德克萨斯州达拉斯市。


热爱旅行,更是一名动物爱好者和环境保护者。 工作之余,会去爬山、野营、潜水,也会时常弹钢琴和打鼓,尤其享受同家人、朋友和宠物们相处的时间。飞行是她的另一大爱好,目前正在考取飞行员证