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Henry Wulff

About Henry Wulff

Expedition Guide


Traveling the world by profession, Henry is dedicated to the Polar Regions of our planet. The timeless yet rapidly changing landscapes of the North and South are what arouse his keen interest.

The understanding of the fragility of the Polar Regions, the influence of humans in these areas, and the chance to preserve those unique habitats for posterity are his main interests. Driven by passion and humor, for Henry, educating people along the way seems like the cherry on top, as he enjoys explaining complex coherences to an open-minded, non-specialist audience in an entertaining, easy-to-understand way. Only through that can we have a comprehensive understanding of our environment, and he truly believes that we are better at protecting what we know well.

Hailing from the big city, Henry came into contact with wild, untamed nature rather late. Classic office jobs in the advertising and film industries had kept him from breaking out of the urban jungle for years, but after a 2-month backpacking trip to Iceland, he couldn’t get back into big-city life and quickly moved to the island at the edge of the Arctic. There, he started his guiding career, first as a hiking guide in the Icelandic Highlands and later as a glacier guide on Europe’s largest ice cap.

Today, Henry mainly works as a naturalist and lecturer on expedition cruise ships in the Arctic and Antarctic. His heart beats for all types and forms of ice, volcanoes and, not least, wildlife.