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Michael Moore

About Michael Moore

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From his childhood explorations of coastal tide pools to working as a navigation officer on board coast guard ships, Mike’s life has always revolved around the ocean. He is a keen observer of all things marine.

Mike grew up in Victoria, British Columbia, and after studying marine biology at the University of Victoria, he worked as a commercial diver fishing for scallops, sea cucumbers and the giant Pacific octopus, the world’s largest. In 1986, after working as a deckhand during a particularly stormy halibut season, Mike decided to turn his attention to protecting the ocean and its resources instead of harvesting them. He joined the Canadian Coast Guard, and after four years at the officer training college in Sydney, Nova Scotia, he graduated with a Bachelor of Technology in Nautical Sciences. He worked as a navigation officer on search and rescue ships, aided navigation vessels and icebreakers, and his sea voyages took him to all three Canadian coasts, including the High Arctic, and the Panama Canal.

In 1990, his intimate knowledge of the British Columbia coast led Mike to work on various vessels doing eco-tourism trips as a captain and naturalist. Mike now lives on a sailboat off Canada’s west coast, and during the summer months he continues his work as a naturalist, eco-tour captain, kayak guide and commercial diver.

Mike has enjoyed being a Zodiac driver/naturalist in the Antarctic since 2001. Whether leading beach walks, sailing trips or star talks, he loves sharing his enthusiasm and knowledge with others.