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Wenwen Zhong

About Wenwen Zhong

Mandarin Linguist


Wenwen is the founder of Raven Education, located in her hometown of Ningbo, China. She has dedicated herself to teaching the English language after moving back to China from Sweden, where she received her master’s degree in Asian studies and worked for Lund University as a research assistant. She continues to travel extensively in Europe and China to co-ordinate cultural exchanges and organize overseas summer schools.

Wenwen is popular amongst children and animals. Full of love and joy, she has been involved in various public charities and once did research in Japan on guide dogs for the visually impaired.

After exploring the Arctic and immersing herself in the aurora borealis, Wenwen is spending her first season in Antarctica with Quark Expeditions. She plays piano and has a Chinese rural dog named One Hundred. She is more than happy to talk about her dog and Antarctica with you during your expedition.