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Bill Davis

Vice President, Operations

Formerly a pelagic resident of the Bahamas, England and Australia, I have migrated back to my native country of Canada. After leading and participating in more than 200 expeditions to the Polar Regions, I’ve spent the last several years working with the Quark Expeditions Executive team in Toronto to develop and support our programs and teams in the field. In addition to being awarded a master’s degree from the Scott Polar Research Institute at Cambridge University, I enjoyed the distinction of being the oldest student to row for my college (Darwin). I am also a member of the Explorers Club.

What is one of your favorite memories of the polar regions?

My most memorable polar moment was sitting on a rock in northeast Greenland, enjoying a silence that was so encompassing, I could hear my heart beat. Other highlights include sailing the entire Northwest Passage, visiting Wrangel Island in the Russian High Arctic, sailing to South Georgia on a 100-year-old fore-and-aft-rigged schooner, and spending a month on a self-supported kayaking expedition in northeast Greenland.

What advice would you give someone traveling to the polar regions?

Beware of “polar fever”!