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Find an Adventure

Terri Chalmers

Polar Travel Manager

Polar Travel Manager Terri Chalmers, works with our team of Polar Travel Advisers to ensure you’re getting the best service and most critical information for your expedition. She is a Certified Travel Counsellor (CTC) who has traveled to 40 countries. A day doesn't pass that she isn't planning a trip to somewhere! When she isn't making other’s polar dreams come true, she dances Flamenco and has been studying Spanish dance for more than a decade.

Top 3 things to pack

  1. When travelling to the Polar Regions, it’s important to pack your spirit of adventure and a flexible attitude; what you read online and in the trip itinerary may be very different from what actually happens. But rest assured, your experience will be exciting and unlike any other you’ve experienced before!
  2. Waterproof pants and gloves – nothing can ruin your day like being wet. Staying dry is key!
  3. Extra memory cards and batteries – you will likely take twice as many photos as you expect to. You never know when you may see an iceberg calving or have a seal pop up next to you in the Zodiac.