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Anders Kjærgaard

About Anders Kjærgaard

Logistics Guide


A military psychologist based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Anders served in the Danish army for 8½ years, including almost 4 years in northeast Greenland with Sirius Patrol, the military special unit that primarily surveys Northeast Greenland National Park by dog sledge. He recently spent 13 months leading the patrol. Previously, he served 2½ years in the same location, participating in 8 sledge journeys of various lengths, driving almost 6,214 miles (10,000 km) in the region, from Scoresbysund to Thule. The unique nature, high-performance teamwork and amazing sledge dogs made Anders’ time in northeast Greenland unforgettable. Heavily infected by “polar bacteria,” he is, and probably always will be, fascinated by this region.

Anders’ first experience with Quark Expeditions was in 2016, as part of the guide team during the Antarctic season. Great experiences and colleagues have made him come back for more.

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