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Christophe Chinas

About Christophe Chinas

French Guide
You may also see Christophe in the following role(s): Quark Academy Trainee
Christophe a lover of nature, never tired of experiencing its humbling majesty and learning about its infinite wonders. He considers himself a small part of nature and tries to honor this role by taking great care of his relationships with other living things, and by instilling wonderment in those he meets.
After growing up in Paris, France and graduating from Sorbonne University with a degree in Education he worked several years as a social worker in France and Spain. He then shifted his focus on working with his hands and became a carpenter focusing on green buildings. He toured the world to discover many sustainable and traditional building techniques, practicing his trade in many areas of France and in Ontario, Canada. He is passionate about the questions of where and how we live as human beings. He settled in Lodève, a small town in the south of France, for its dynamic nature and quality of life.
Since 2017 Christophe has enjoyed sharing the magnificence of the Polar Regions with guests. If he had one piece of advice for first-time polar travelers, it would be to slow down and allow everything you are chasing to come around and catch you.