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Daven Hafey

About Daven Hafey

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Daven has spent the last 15 years in some of the wildest places on Earth. Some of those years were spent as a backcountry ranger in Yellowstone National Park, a grizzly bear researcher and boat operator in coastal Alaska, a commercial fishing boat operator in the Bering Sea, and an African wild dog and lion researcher in Zambia and Angola.

He also co-directed a wild salmon conservation NGO in Alaska, where he produced multiple documentaries and short films, focusing on wild salmon populations and their deeply ingrained relationships with wild foods and clean water.

In the Polar Regions, Daven has worked on nearly 70 expeditions, including those to Antarctica, South Georgia, Alaska, Arctic Canada, Greenland and Svalbard. With an academic background in ecology, political science and journalism, he is particularly drawn to polar food webs and their relationships with sea ice; the human histories of both the Arctic and the Antarctic; and the profound stories that these places can tell. This is his fifth season in Antarctica.