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Lachlan (Lachy) Grey

About Lachlan (Lachy) Grey

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Lachy, an occasional resident of Melbourne, Australia, is passionate about travel and can often be found exploring some of the world’s most remote and least traveled regions. His wanderlust has played a big part in his working life, as well. He joined Quark Expeditions with a background in guiding and tourism operations management in China, Mongolia, Russia and Central Asia, plus large-scale event management experience in Australia, Europe and the Middle East.

A keen observer of people and nature, he’s fascinated by the strikingly beautiful yet unforgiving ecosystems unique to the Polar Regions. Having lived close to the water most of his life, he spends his downtime sailing, swimming or walking along the beach tracks near his home, admiring the view and planning his next adventure. You’re also likely to find him playing the drums.

Lachy is an avid reader with a passion for all things polar, and he feels privileged to be part of the Quark team, introducing people to and sharing his knowledge of some of the most remote, fascinating and rewarding regions on earth.