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ANT-ENW-15D - Days 8-11

Having sailed northwards along the Peninsula you will begin your passage through the Antarctic Sound. This stretch of water separates the western side of the Peninsula from the Weddell Sea and is riddled with huge pieces of ice emanating from the Larsen Ice Shelf, so have your cameras ready!

Your Expedition Team will educate you in all things ice, as this sea is home to the world’s most impressive floes and tabular icebergs - exponentially bigger and more visually impressive than on the other side of the Peninsula. Antarctic Sound itself offers great places for you to get ashore and stretch your legs at landing sites that are home to nesting Adelie and gentoo penguins. Snow and pintado petrels as well as kelp gulls also call this area home.

Once your ship passes through the Sound, it will be time to venture out by Zodiac to cruise amongst the sea of ‘ice giants’ that float here – among the largest icebergs you’re likely to see anywhere. If conditions permit, we’ll continue further south to the historic hut on Snow Hill Island, which contains objects from a 1902 Antarctic expedition and now functions as a living museum.

Your journey then turns northwards, with Paulet Island being one of your possible landings. The island is a 350 meter high volcanic cone that juts dramatically out of the sea. You’ll discover this island to be a bird and seal paradise. Over 100,000 pairs of Adelie penguins breed here, along with blue-eyed shags, snowy sheathbills and kelp gulls. Fur and Weddell seals haul out onshore here, while leopard seals often hunt offshore.

Day Number

Days 8 to 11

Day Title

Antarctic Sound and the Weddell Sea