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Antarctic Express: Fly the Drake — Reviews

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Fabulous Antarctic Experience


Our expedition leader, Alli, and her expedition team were knowledgeable, organized, professional and personable. We knew that we were in the hands of experts from Day One. The crew of the ship was friendly and made an effort to show us that we were welcome aboard. The food was the best that I have ever had. There was a great variety of healthy food and the desserts were delightful. We had turn-down service in our cabin and a chocolate on our pillow every night.

Antarctica was full of surprises. There was spectacular scenery from Day One with blue water, volcanic black mountains, white snow and icebergs in spectacular forms. My favorite parts of the cruise were the many forms of wildlife.

We saw 3 types of penguins, 3 types of seals and 3 types of whales. It was so special to be close to these animals in the middle of the "end of the world". I have such fond memories and will never forget the feeling of truly being surrounded by nature, wildlife and good people.

Even the extra days that we spent on the ship because of the airport delay could not take away our praise for Quark Expeditions. In fact, we feel that we were quite fortunate to have extra time on board. Alli made sure that we were well fed, had extra excursions and were entertained in a pretty tough situation. Thank you, Alli.

Extended Antarctic Expedition


We had an amazing trip to the Antarctic which was made especially notable by the exceptional efforts of Allison and her entire expedition staff as well as the crew and hotel team on the Ocean Adventurer. Due to weather conditions preventing planes from flying from Punta Arenas to King George Island our original 5 nights on the ship was extended to 10 nights and the entire crew made this a special time with their regular presentations and developing several extra off-ship adventures to make the days fly by. The situation was very difficult for everyone but your team did an absolutely marvelous job of maintaining a very positive atmosphere and providing thoughtful and personal help to those of us in this extended situation. Quark is the best!

Just Perfect


It's definitely one of the most unforgettable trips for me. Still miss the tranquil & peaceful environment in Antarctica. The team was more than perfect, no matter in ensuring members' safety, handling ad-hoc glitches, giving in-depth information of all kinds about the continent and even entertaining people. The food served was a real surprise to me, thanks to the caring crew.

There were some presentations on penguins which were informative. I would also suggest more short presentations on history, geography (landscape) & meteorology if possible after dinner when people have some spare moments. I would also be interested in sharing sessions on photography skills.

Fly the Drake (please!)


Once in Antarctica, the trip was wonderful. Expedition Leader (Alli) and team were friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Can only use my experience but wonder if the weather is just too problematic to offer this fly in option. We and the trip behind us were most impacted but I understand the group ahead of us also experienced a delay. I personally missed a $3000 trip to Easter Island as a result of the 5-6 day delay in returning from King George Island to Punta Arenas.

Wonderful trip


Great staff great scenery great food. The last one is a pleasant surprise. Loved it.