Explore the Antarctic aboard Quark Expeditions' fleet of expedition vessels, photo by David Merron.

Antarctic Expeditions

This is very likely the farthest you will ever be from home. It’s an environment of exquisite isolation—rich wildlife, stimulating history, and majestic topography. Antarctica reaches a level of beauty that is unmatched in its simplicity, flawlessness and fragility. Your voyage to the bottom of the world yields unparalleled adventure in every sense of the word.

The Antarctic Peninsula

With its all glistening inlets, rocky cliff sides, pebbled beaches and floating ice sculptures, the Antarctic Peninsula is the northernmost stretch of land on the 7th continent—you’re in for total sensory overload. Whether you venture on our popular penguin safari or new photography voyages, this season’s line-up delivers sublime adventures beyond your wildest dreams.

Photo by David Merron

Antarctic Explorer: Discovering the 7th Continent

11 or 12 days
from $6,895

Antarctica has been inspiring explorers for centuries. This expedition offers you the chance to discover why, with an unforgettable journey through the spectacular wilderness of the South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula. Encounter a world where nature creates the rules, her unpredictable temperament making each trip unique, exciting and personal.

Photo: David Merron

Crossing the Circle: Southern Expedition

14 days
from $8,995

Not only does this expedition include the most in-depth exploration of the Antarctic Peninsula, it also offers the opportunity to venture further south across the Antarctic Circle. As you head towards a milestone few travelers reach, you’ll feel you are in a world without borders, sailing through an endless stretch of sea, snow and ice.

The Falkland Islands (Malvinas) and South Georgia

Encounter an unparalleled variety of wildlife and get a vivid picture of early Antarctic exploration at these two British territories in the South Atlantic Ocean. Hike through the tussock grass, wander the shorelines, listen to the stories, connect with nature—and get lost in the moment.

Photo: Acacia Johnson

Epic Antarctica: Crossing the Circle via Falklands and South Georgia

23 days
from $16,495

Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure on this diverse expedition — you’ll experience the spectacular flora and fauna of the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) before immersing yourself in the unique history and exquisite, rare wildlife of South Georgia.

Falklands, South Georgia, and Antarctica: Explorers and Kings

20 days
from $13,495

This extended expedition encompasses the wildlife paradise of South Georgia, the remote Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas), as well as the extraordinary beauty of the Antarctic Peninsula. You’ll enjoy unforgettable encounters with untamed wildlife in a vast, dramatic and spectacular setting.

A guest photographing King penguins at St Andrews Bay, South Georgia. Photo: Acacia Johnson

Solar Eclipse 2021: Totality in Antarctica, with South Georgia

17 days
from $16,995

This voyage will be the perfect opportunity to be rendered awestruck by the overwhelming enormity of Antarctica. From there, you’ll sail north and become part of a select few to experience a Total Solar Eclipse in the Antarctic before exploring the island of South Georgia.

A guest photographs Black Browed Albatross at West Point Island, Falkland Islands. Photo by Acacia Johnson.

Solar Eclipse 2021: Totality in Antarctica, with South Georgia and Falkland Islands

20 days
from $16,995

Designed for eclipse chasers, this itinerary offers the rare opportunity to witness the total eclipse of the sun while also setting foot in Antarctica, as well as a chance to explore the rarely visited sub-Antarctic Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) and South Georgia.

South Georgia and Antarctic Peninsula: Penguin Safari

16 days
from $14,995

This adventure is the fastest way to get to the rarely visited South Georgia Island while also stepping foot on the 7th Continent. As we set sail, photograph massive albatross and pintado petrel as they swoop and soar around the ship, guiding us toward South Georgia.

Fly/Cruise Expeditions

Our convenient Fly/Cruise expeditions whisk you to the 7th continent for as few as eight days. Fly over the Drake Passage to embark on the rest of your journey by ship. This shaves off a little time, so you can make the most of every minute. We can get you kayaking the bays, cruising around icebergs and camping out under the Antarctic night sky in next to no time.

Photo by Acacia Johnson

Antarctic Express: Crossing the Circle

11 days
from $17,995

Fully immersed in the Antarctic environment, experience a roller coaster of emotions, from excitement to exquisite solitude to incredible gratitude for the wonder of it all. Go in search of whales and find yourself bearing witness to a glacier calving. Antarctica will leave you in awe, but it won’t leave you unchanged.

Photo: David Merron

Antarctic Express: Fly the Drake

8 days
from $10,495

You’re ready to explore King George Island and the Antarctic Peninsula—and no Drake Passage crossings are required! With a spectacular aerial view, included charter flights between Punta Arenas and Antarctica have you experiencing the majesty of the 7th continent before transferring you to your ship in no time.

Photo taken by a Quark passenger

Antarctic Peninsula

Your first step on the 7th continent will take place in the most readily accessible part of the Antarctic Peninsula, the most northern stretch of Antarctic land. Stepping foot on the 7th continent is a moment of pleasure and excitement that affects each traveler differently.
Photo by Quark passenger, Karine Bengualid

Buenos Aires, Argentina

This energetic port is the gateway to Argentina. Buenos Aires is often called the “Paris of South America” for its classic architecture and rich European heritage. The city has wide boulevards and cobblestone alleys, quaint cafés and markets.
Photo taken by a Quark passenger

Drake Passage

The infamous Drake Passage extends about 1,000 km (600 miles) between Cape Horn and the South Shetland Islands. To reach the Antarctic Peninsula it is necessary to traverse this stretch of water at right angles to the current flow.
Photo taken by a Quark passenger

Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)

The Falkland Islands, also known as Islas Malvinas by the Argentines, are located some 400 km northeast of Tierra del Fuego, the southern-most point in South America. This archipelago itself consists of East and West Falkland, divided by Falkland Sound.
Photo taken by a Quark passenger

Punta Arenas, Chile

Punta Arenas, Chile, is your gateway to Antarctica for all of Quark’s fly-cruise voyages. It lies 3,090 km to the South of Santiago de Chile and is the most important urban center in the Magallanes Region.
Photo taken by Quark passenger

South Georgia

This slightly crescent-shaped, mountainous island lies some 1,300 km (800 miles) east-south-east of the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas). It has not only an astonishing concentration of wildlife, but also glaciers, fjords and low-lying grassland.

South Orkney Islands

These are a group of rather barren islands 1,360 km (850 miles) north east of the Antarctic Peninsula. The climate is rather harsh, with strong winds, frequent rain and snow. Snow falls about 280 days each year.
Photo taken by Quark passenger, Chris Harbard

South Sandwich Islands

The South Sandwich Islands are located about 800 km (460 miles) south-east of South Georgia. The islands form a chain some 390 km (240 miles) long, comprising 11 major and several smaller islands. The islands are volcanic in origin and some remain active.
Photo taken by a Quark passenger

South Shetland Islands

The South Shetland Islands are approximately 120 km north of the Antarctic Peninsula and will usually be your first stop en route to the Peninsula. Home to a great number of animals, you’ll spot an abundance of wildlife, including various species of penguins, seals and sea birds.
Photo by Quark passenger

Ushuaia, Argentina

Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world. It is now a major tourist town, complete with casinos and a variety of restaurants. Ushuaia is commonly used as a base for hiking, and of course, cruises to Antarctica.
Camping on the Antarctic Peninsula, photo by Acacia Johnson

Camping - Antarctic

Imagine for a moment, staring at the stars in the indigo glow of an Antarctic night as you bed down for the night outside in the elements.
Skiing in the Antarctic

Cross-Country Skiing - Antarctic

Ski trekking is a cross between backcountry ski touring and cross-country skiing. But don’t confuse it with downhill skiing. Ski trekkers use lightweight touring skis that are equipped with special Ice Trek bindings, which provide flexibility, a crucial element when ski trekking downhill.

Flightseeing - General

Imagine soaring over the polar regions from the comfort of a helicopter and enjoying the most astounding aerial views imaginable of the frozen Antarctic Ocean, of snow-capped ice ridges, massive crevices, and of melt pools ranging from cerulean to deep, spectacular turquoise.
Photo taken by a Quark passenger

Mountaineering - Antarctic

Participants, using crampons or snowshoes and the occasional use of an ice axe, will find themselves hiking up the angled slopes of mountain glaciers and high peaks.
Passengers paddling on the Antarctic Peninsula. Photo by Michelle Sole.

Paddling Excursion - Antarctic

Every sweep of the paddle as your craft glides through the pristine polar waters creates an incredible soundtrack: the jostle of glacial ice, the lapping of waves against the rocky shore, the perpetual drip from your paddle, the call of seabirds, and the occasional splash as wildlife break the su

Polar Plunge - Antarctic

The Polar Plunge is scheduled once during each voyage. Throughout the journey, the Expedition Leader and Captain constantly monitor conditions in order to choose the optimal time and location. The Polar Plunge sometimes takes place onshore or, in many cases, from the gangway or Zodiac.
Kayaking in Antarctica, photo by Sam Crimmin

Sea Kayaking - Antarctic

Positioning yourself in the seat of a kayak is one of the most intimate ways travelers can connect with the polar regions—at water level, up close, where you can touch and feel every polar sensation imaginable.
Stand-up Paddleboarding, photo by David Merron

Stand-up Paddleboarding - Antarctic

Combining surfing with kayaking or canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding will give you a very personal and unique perspective on Antarctica. Taken in small groups in good weather conditions in Antarctica.
Passengers hiking in the Antarctic Peninsula, photo by David Merron

Walking/Hiking - Antarctic

Hiking in the polar regions differs from your typical trail experience. Here, in a tree-less terrain, you are the tallest figure on the landscape as you walk over spongy tundra, crusty snow or sandy beaches in remotes parts of the Arctic and Antarctica.

Zodiac Cruising - Antarctic

Zodiacs are used for transferring you ashore, transporting your luggage when necessary and for taking you ocean-level cruising among icebergs, whales and seabirds. During the expedition, you will visit remote and isolated sites that are accessible only by Zodiac.

Currency (Antarctic)

There is no Antarctic currency. However, if you visit Port Lockroy in the Antarctic Peninsula, U.S. dollars, Pound Sterling and Euro are accepted, as are Visa and MasterCard where your transaction will be charged in U.S. dollars.
Photo taken by a Quark passenger

Gear Shop and Polar Boutique

The best place to prepare for your Polar expedition is the Quark Gear Shop. The online Gear shop carries all the clothing and equipment you'll need to make the most of your expedition to the Polar regions.
King George Island

Getting to Antarctica

Most of Quark’s Antarctic voyages begin and end in Ushuaia, Argentina, with the exception of our Fly-Cruise voyages that may start and/or end in Punta Arenas, Chile.
Expedition Essentials

Packing Tips

“There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” Ranulph Fiennes We travel to the Polar Regions in the summer months when the weather isn’t that cold, however temperature can change unexpectedly.
Photo taken by a Quark passenger

Passports and Visas

All passengers are responsible for obtaining all necessary passport and visas prior to the departure of your voyage.
Photo taken by a Quark passenger

Seasickness (Antarctic)

Everyone reacts differently to sea conditions whether during the crossing of the infamous Drake Passage to Antarctica, or even during calmer seas.
Photo taken by a Quark passenger

The Quark Parka

We know that packing for your Polar voyage may be challenging, so Quark takes the guess work out of packing an appropriate coat. All our passengers will receive our signature yellow expedition parka on the first day you’re onboard the ship.
Photo by Quark passenger

Travel Insurance

Included in the cost of your expedition is an emergency evacuation insurance policy with a maximum benefit of USD$500,000 per paying passenger. This included policy provides coverage only while traveling with Quark Expeditions, between the first and last day of the expedition.
Photo by Quark passenger, Sam Crimmin

When to Go

A common question travelers have is “When is the best time to travel to Antarctica?” The answer depends on what you want to see or do. Keep in mind that you cannot cruise to the Polar regions all year round.
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Amazing trip in a beautiful place, Antarctica!


We had the most amazing trip to Antarctica! The ship was comfortable and roomy with great beds and plenty of lounges to choose from and two hot tubs to sit in while watching penguins and whales cavort around the ship, housekeeping was extremely attentive with turn down service and daily attention to our rooms several times a day, and the food was fabulous with multiple choices each lunch and dinner and special nights with surprise deserts and even caviar! Even the bar was well stocked and kept the spirits flowing! The expedition staff was amazing; always friendly and helpful, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and always kept us safe while still having fun! We really enjoyed that the staff dined with the guests and mixed it up so we all had a chance to dine with and ask questions of our various guides. The mix of expertise was great from marine biologists to geologists to historians, and the daily briefings provided great information for what we either had seen or could hope to see. The staff did everything possible to be sure we saw the the many beauties and creatures of the Antarctic, and we did! I can't think if a penguin, whale or seal from the region that we didn't see. Truly AMAZING! The ability of the ship's captain to adapt to find smooth water and good weather, made the adventure pleasant and comfortable. Our Sweet Abbey morning wake-up announcement was so pleasant "Good Morning friends of the Ocean Adventurer" and it was so fun to hear her tell us where we were and the plan for the day, that several of us recorded it so we could listen to it again and again after we left. I love that every morning and afternoon you had excursions planned and everyone could share in all of them. The size of the ship was small enough that no one had to miss out and large enough to have all the amenities. Beautifully done for a dream trip come true!

A great adventure


This has to be one of my most exciting adventures I have ever taken. Quark was a fantastic company to tour with. They are organized and very cautious when it comes to safety. It is very clear that they have done this tour successfully numerous times.

I sent my review from


I sent my review from the ship’s computer.

Ship experience was excellent but


Wonderful experience once we got on the ship but had troubles getting there. Planned transit to domestic airport in BA failed to show up. Plus we wanted only 2in our cabin but had a triple. This was corrected but caused great anxiety.

Trip of a lifetime


Great crew and wonderful ship. Excursions were everything I expected and more.

Quark Tackled the Challenges!


We returned from our 12-day Antarctic Explorer trip on 12/23 and have had some time to reflect & solidify our memories from this experience.

The staff & crew were just phenomenal...easy to speak with, chock full of relevant knowledge and were always looking out for our safety & best opportunities.

Our Drake Passage crossing was highlighted by legitimately rough waters and a diversion, when our ship was diverted into the search for the Chilean military plane.

The passengers supported one another though the turbulent start, and the staff/crew continued their work perfectly, normalizing the unfamiliar.

We encountered some initial frustrations, learning that all of our pre-paid expeditions had been accidentally canceled, months after we had booked. Gilda, Ross, and unnamed others did whatever was needed to make sure that we had access to our paddling & camping expeditions.

The food was always something to anticipate. Tracie is a kind, strong personality who cares about her service, and treats her staff well. The plated dinners in the evenings were exciting and never disappointing.

Our room was spacious and perfectly clean. We would often return from our adventures, tired and heavily attired. The housekeeping staff would walk ahead of us and unlock our rooms for us, always with a smile and kind words. We had more than enough storage space and it quickly felt like 'our' room.

Communication was clear & helpful. The ship announcements and gatherings were comforting.

The myriad educational opportunities were worthwhile. Presentations were interesting, enthusiastic & geared to all ages.

We are already looking into a Quark expedition to the Arctic, and would also like to return to Antarctica in January or February, to see the newborn penguins and some new areas.

We are so grateful for this experience. It was worth every penny and more.

Grand Slam ALL 7 Dream Fulfilled


Which is a better word than awesome? Incredible? Spectacular?Phenomenal? Incomprehensible? I would use all to describe the wonderful trip of a lifetime, Fly The Drake!
The scenery was fabulously unbelievable! The weather was excellent, as if it was specifically made for us. And of course,the expedition team was flawless,the ship's crew were top notch! We really enjoyed every moment onboard and on land!
Special thanks to all who had assisted me in fulfilling my dream of completing the Grand Slam of All 7 Continents (and I had previously sailed on all 5 oceans as well). Credit must be given to:
1. Neil who always serve with a smile.
2. Mala who was so passionate about imparting the wildlife knowledge to all.
3. Santiago the top class biologist who happens to be a top dancer!
4. Matha with her trade mark smile, irrespective of where and when you see her.
5. All restaurant staff especially Joselito, Kharisma and Edzi, thank you so much!

Last but not least, special thanks to Lotte Lambourn of London office who had rendered all the support and cooperation.
Cheers Ocean Adventurer!!!

Spectacular Fun Expedition, but...


Absolutely one of the best expeditions I have experienced! Great crew, great staff, great hospitality team, great food! Even the reservations were handled smoothly and professionally! I would recommend Quark expeditions to anyone desiring a trip to Antarctica. My only concerns are with the 2 paid excursions: One day paddling and the camping experience. First, even though paddling was listed as no experience necessary, there should be a minimum amount of physical ability required. I paddled from the back in the 2-person kayak and the elderly individual in the front should have never been allowed to paddle. He leaned back on my feet the entire trip since he couldn't sit upright and also had no idea how to paddle a kayak. I tried to explain what to do since I am experienced but he still didn't know what to do. Thus, he laid the paddle in his lap most of the time and let me do all of the work. Also, he continuously dragged the paddle in the water requiring extra effort on my part to compensate. It didn't help either that he had thick ear covering so couldn't hear most of my instructions. I felt more like I paid to be his chauffer than a paddling partner! I enjoyed the excursion as much as possible but got one heck of an upper body workout. Second, the camping experience felt quite rushed for the price I paid. Got on site at 22:30 and hastily setup camp. Got up at 4:00 to break camp and Zodiac back to the ship. Not even 8 hours on site. Quite an expensive short-term rest!

The most amazing experience ever


Words will never describe this incredible experience and pictures will never do it justice. A holiday I will remember for the rest of my life. Incredible journey from the start to the finish...the ship, the staff, the experience - WOW & THANK YOU :-)

Unique Expirence in my 60 years


it is so beautiful, indescribable real world, but like in dream.

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