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North Pole Express: Barneo Ice Camp — Reviews

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A Terrific Expedition


All aspects of the expedition were great. The time before the trip to Barneo was well planned at the Polar Blu Hotel including meals, meetings about the arctic and the trip to the Pole, and the delivery of parkas and boots. The flight on the Antanov 74 was fun, smooth and exciting. The Barneo Ice Camp is great. The Russian staff were very welcoming. The food was fine. The sleeping tents were adequate. Walking around the camp was an unforgettable memory. The Mi8 helicopter ride to the Pole was loud, as expected, but smooth. Being able to open the Mi8 windows provided an opportunity for great picture taking. Being at the Pole was awesome. Taking pictures, waving flags, celebrating with a shot of Russian Vodka. All really great. Bus just walking about the North Pole, knowing that all directions from your point were South was inspiring. The team: Alex, Ruslan, Hadleigh, and Colin were all terrific. This trip was the BEST.

North Pole Barnes 3 Day Fly in Expedition.


Fabulous time. What a unique and adventurous trip! Loved it. Camping tents were warm, food good-Russian, would have liked to see GPS read 90.000 or within a few meters but missed by 1/2 kilometer. Enjoyed the walks and lecture by Colin on Glaciers and ice pack.