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Spitsbergen Explorer: Wildlife Capital of the Arctic — Reviews

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Spectacular Arctic voyage around Svalbard


Amazing expedition staff found us spectacular wildlife - everything I was looking for including special Arctic birds - and did a wonderful job educating us as to the ecology, geology, and history of this unique region. The trip leader in particular showed great judgment and instincts in adjusting our itinerary in response to weather and wildlife viewing to ensure we got the most out of our voyage. Really comfortable ship - not too small, definitely not too big - and wonderful food made this the perfect platform to experience the High Arctic. Paddling the inflatable kayaks amidst the crackling ice was very memorable. The team's attention to safety also stood out, as this is a very remote and potentially dangerous locale.

It was a fantastic trip.


It was a fantastic trip. The expertise of the staff and the quality of the crew was incredible. We had a a trip of a life time. Thank you

Fantastic combination: Ocean Nova plus Quark expedition team.


I sailed with the Quark expedition team on the Ocean Nova in mid-June 2018. The vessel, its Captain, and its operational staff was excellent and maneuvered us to whereever needed to get the best possible experiences. The On board “Hotel” staff was superb providing consistently excellent food and drink choices. The combination of Arctic adventure and world-class fine dining made for an exceptional experience. And, I give the highest possible ratings for the Quark expedition team. Everyone on the team had skills and experiences that qualified them as exceptional guides. We had a New York Times best selling author as our avian specialist, a PhD Geologist with exceptional communication skills to explain Arctic oceanographic processes, glaciology, and the magnificant land forms we observered and explored. We had a PhD mammalogist with humorous and captivating delivery to tell us about the marine mammals we would be looking for and to interpret what we saw. And we had a true expert on Svalbard history to explain the human component of the Svalbard system and how the human history has interacted with both the geophysical and biological components. We even heard a captivating and humorous, talk about the various plankton species (the foundation of the food chain) that careful observers were seeing in the ocean waters. The teams that led Zodiac and Kayak outings were incredibly experienced and skilled, and assured that all passengers, regardless of ability or past experience had safe and pleasant experiences getting in and out of small boats. All members of the team were experienced with the Svalbard system and knew where to look for the various species of wildlife—and they had amazing spotting ability. Our expedition leader was always watching weather and sea ice conditions and had the skill and experience to be sure we took advantage of every opportunity to optimize our observations. Finally, we observed all the major species I expected to see, and we saw first-hand how human caused climate change is dramatically impacting them and this incredible place. I believe everyone on board went home with experiences and observations they never will forget, and with better understandings of why maintaining Svalbard and other Arctic environments is important to the rest of life on earth—including us. All in all, it was a fantastic experience. Steven. C. Amstrup

Surpassed my expectations


Quark’s guides and the staff of the Ocean Nova where exceptional. The weather cooperated, wildlife seen up close. It was a glorious adventure.

Fantastic experience


We had the most amazing expedition. The Quark Expedition Team are an amazing, talented, knowledgeable, friendly bunch of people I have ever met. We felt very privileged to have shared such a wonderful voyage with them. We were also looked after by the hotel staff who again are an amazing group of people. Thank you ALL so much. You ALL work so very hard to make it the most memorable trip of a lifetime. A big well done to you ALL.