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The Arctic Watch photography program offers a variety of interesting, enriching ways to improve your wildlife, landscape and nature photography skills, under the guidance of award-winning arctic wildlife photographer Nansen Weber.

The program is an active photography adventure covering the varied landscapes of the region, comprised of glacier-carved cliff sides, canyons, riverbeds, waterfalls, and wide variety of  flora. Guests will learn tips and techniques for tracking and photographng unique arctic wildlife, all while exploring the diverse sights of Summerset Island and Cunningham Valley under 24-hour sunlight and evening “arctic golden light.”

Guests may also have opportunities to photograph polar bears, beluga whales, arctic hare and fox. Natural wildlife habitats, which have been undisturbed for hundreds of years, will likewise be discovered in the program.     

Daily workshops cater to all levels of photographers and are geared to nature and landscape photographers seeking immersive instruction and photo assignments in the field, talks on techniques, and edit-and-critique sessions. 

About Nansen Weber

Nansen Weber has grown up in the arctic, spending every summer exploring its landscapes and has studied the behaviors of arctic wolves, caribou, herds of musk oxen, polar bears, curious arctic foxes and playful belugas - he’s photographed it all. He is Arctic Watch’s professional wildlife photographer. When not busy leading a private photography trip, or working with film crews, Nansen is a lead guide and makes sure guests capture picture-perfect memories of Arctic Watch on camera. Nansen knows arctic animals and environments - don’t be shy to ask him questions! Spending many years at Arctic Watch has helped him master its unique surroundings, untamed wildlife and environment.

When he’s not photographing in the Arctic, Nansen devotes his time to photographic projects across the globe - recently with the National Geographic Society. Read some of his polar wildlife photography tips.


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