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Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge

Spend a week exploring the Canadian Arctic at this unique wilderness lodge and world-class beluga whale observation site on Somerset Island in Nunavut, Canada. Situated 500 miles (805 km) north of the Arctic Circle, the lodge offers guests fully guided op ...

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8 or 10 days

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Start - End DateDuration
ShipAdventure OptionsStarting From
(per person)
Jul 31–Aug 9, 201710Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge $9,495
Jun 28–Jul 7, 201810Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge $9,495
Jul 5–Jul 14, 201810Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge $9,995
Jul 12–Jul 19, 20188Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge $7,495
Jul 17–Jul 24, 20188Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge $7,495
Jul 22–Jul 29, 20188Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge $7,495
Jul 27–Aug 5, 201810Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge $9,995
Aug 3–Aug 12, 201810Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge $9,995