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Polar Travel Advisor

Mary Eliasewych

Can Quark book all aspects of my trip, such as flights, pre- and post-trip tours, hotels and insurance?

Absolutely! We can book international and domestic flights to get you to your destination as seamlessly as possible, help you choose from various hotels and tours to extend your trip, and—most importantly— book your travel insurance. Obtaining insurance is especially important, given the remote locations we visit. It’s worth noting that Quark is one of the few companies that provides emergency evacuation insurance as part of the cost of your expedition.

Caren Rapp

What can I expect from my expedition to the Galapagos Islands?

Expect one of the best experiences of your life! Because of the diversity of the wildlife, there is always something to enjoy, and the weather is consistent thanks to the proximity to the equator and constant ocean breezes. Waters are generally calm, and the naturalists are exceptionally knowledgeable about the wildlife, which varies from island to island. You’ll typically have four to six hours each day for hiking, walking and snorkeling.

Raakhe Kapila

Raakhe joined the Quark team in September 2012 as one of our talented and passionate Polar Travel Advisers. She brings with her over twelve years of experience in travel four years of which was dedicated to cruises, not to mention a great sense of humour and infectious laugh! Email Raakhe.

Mark Weber

An explorer at heart, Mark had an interest in maps and atlases at a very early age. With travel experience to more than 40 countries, and an academic background in geography; adventure travel has become Mark’s expertise. Mark will help guide you through each step toward your next Polar adventure.

Paul Schuster

Paul grew up in New Zealand, where he developed a passion to discover as much of the world as possible. Since then, he has explored over 35 countries and plans to visit more! Between his travels, this Polar Traveler Adviser earned a BA in Sociology and obtained a great deal of experience in the world of adventure travel. Paul looks forward to working with you in order organize your polar experience! Email Paul.

Cara Nunnenmacher

Cara has been a part of the Quark Expeditions team since 2008. She knows our trips and ships intimately and can advise you which voyage is right for your trip of a lifetime. She loves to talk to passengers about her experience on Quark’s North Pole voyage as well as Quark’s most popular itinerary: Antarctic Explorer. For Cara, no question about the Polar Regions is too insignificant to answer. Email Cara.

Richard Angelidis

As one of our passionate and knowledgeable Polar Travel Advisers, Richard has the opportunity to educate travelers all about the unique and diverse polar destinations. He enjoys helping travelers realize their dream of exploring the Arctic and Antarctica or perhaps one day standing at the top of the world on our North Pole voyage. Richard has travelled extensively and has visited over 28 countries including the North Pole and Antarctica and loves working in the travel industry.

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