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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Arctic Icebreaker Expeditions  

How many bars are on board?

  • There is one bar, on Deck 5 

How many restaurants are on board?

  • One

How many seats are in the lecture hall?

  • The lecture hall seats 85 people.

Are drinks included?

  • Drinks are included, yes.

Do all cabins have a window?

  • Yes, all the cabins on board have windows.

Is there a pool?

  • The Kapitan Khlebnikov features an indoor, saltwater plunge pool.

Do I needs visas?

  • It depends on which country issued your passport. Russian visas are required for most travelers, and Danish, Norwegian or Canadian visas may be required depending on your country of origin. Be sure to check with the relevant consulates or embassies before you travel.

Why is Quark offering Northwest Passage itineraries on two different ships?

  • The Northwest Passage is a treasure of polar history. One of our expedition ships, the Sea Adventurer will traverse a large section of it, from Kangerlussuaq, Greenland to Kugluktuk, Canada, during the Arctic 2016 season, visiting a number of interesting cultural and wildlife hotspots. However, the many-layered pack ice that proved so challenging for so many explorers prevents the Sea Adventurer from making it all the way through to Russia. The Kapitan Khlebnikov will take advantage of its ice-breaking capabilities to traverse the entire stretch, something that took intrepid mariners many years to accomplish.

Why do I need to be flexible about the itinerary?

  • Even the mighty Khlebnikov can be affected by ice and weather conditions. The Captain and Expedition Staff will take all conditions into account to ensure your safety, while providing the most interesting and exciting voyage possible.

Can I pay for more baggage allowance for the charter flights ?

  • The aircraft we will take to reach our embarkation points have limited luggage capacity. Unfortunately, extra baggage allowances are not possible, and cannot be purchased.