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Acacia Johnson

Photography Lecturer/Guide

Acacia was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, where she spent much of her childhood immersed in the outdoors and in close proximity to wildlife, particularly grizzly bears. Later, she studied in northern Norway, above the Arctic Circle, which ignited her passion for life at polar latitudes. She now speaks fluent Norwegian and considers Norway her home.

Primarily a photographer and artist, Acacia holds a BFA in photography from the Rhode Island School of Design and exhibits her work internationally. In 2014, she overwintered on Baffin Island on a Fulbright grant to create photographs about human relationships to the arctic winter landscape – an experience that sparked new interests in arctic indigenous culture. With an expeditionary process and love for polar light, she has devoted her artistic career to conveying the profound awe and wonder of the Polar Regions, venturing to as many of these places as she can reach in pursuit of photographs.

Acacia is particularly interested in the diverse ways humans have related to the polar landscape throughout time, and how these interpretations shape the meaning of our travels there today. She is passionate about the Polar Regions and sharing their magic with others, either through photography or in person.