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Daven Hafey


Daven was born and raised in western Colorado, United States, where he spent his youth trout fishing in alpine lakes and streams. His reverence for wild landscapes and clean mountain creeks led him to spend 3 years as a park ranger in Yellowstone National Park, and 4 more as a ranger in Tongass National Forest, on Admiralty Island in southeast Alaska, home of the highest concentration of brown bears in the world. Hooked on large carnivores, Daven later worked on a field research project in Liuwa Plain, Zambia, studying lions and African wild dogs, their prey species, and wildlife-human interactions in small subsistence Lozi villages.

Having worked in remote settings where interactions between wildlife and subsistence hunters, fishermen and farmers were common, Daven developed a deep appreciation for the human connection with the natural world and our responsibility to tread lightly. Having grown up in a subsistence hunting family himself, he has great respect for those who directly depend on their wild surroundings for their way of life. In addition to working as a ranger, Daven served as the communications director for a clean water and indigenous rights advocacy organization in Alaska, where he wrote and produced several award-winning mini-documentaries on wild Pacific salmon and the various cultures they sustain.

Daven holds his 100-ton inland master captain’s license and is an avid carpenter. His favorite things include good laughs, good people, wild places and his dog, Charlie. He calls southeast Alaska home.