Daven Hafey

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Feeling most at home in wild places, Daven has a passion for all things related to wildlife, weather and tides. He has spent more than a decade in the field, working on large-carnivore research and management projects, namely brown bears in coastal Alaska and African wild dogs and lions on the Zambia-Angola border. He has guided on more than 40 polar expeditions, including the Antarctic, Greenland, Arctic Canada and Alaska.

With a love for storytelling, Daven has written and produced several award-winning documentaries on the relationship between humans and wild rivers in the Far North. A former director of a wild Pacific salmon and indigenous rights advocacy organization in coastal Alaska, he deeply admires the tenacity and resourcefulness of the people who call the Arctic and Subarctic home.

Daven holds his 100-ton inland master captain’s licence and has used it as the skipper of commercial fishing boats in the Bering Sea and whale-watching boats in the San Juan Islands. Aside from wilderness and remote village living, Daven’s biggest loves are carpentry, books, travel, family and his dog, Charlie. His favorite animal, other than Charlie, is the caribou.

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