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Find an Adventure

David “Dutch” Willmott

Assistant Expedition Leader

Dutch has always loved the ocean and wild pIaces and living in Australia gives him plenty of chances to pursue these passions. After years of sailing the seas and exploring the world’s wilderness it was time for southern latitudes.

In 2000 he found the place where his ocean and wilderness passions were perfectly joined – Antarctica. After his first iceberg he was hooked and he spent the next seven summers there and has completed over 40 expedition voyages down south. During 2004 Dutch turned his compass north and his Arctic journey started. Every year since he has returned to explore, experience and share the wonders of the high north. During his 40 plus arctic trips Dutch has sailed the North West Passage, pushed past 80° north on many occasions and has marvelled at the animals and ice.

Dutch’s land based experiences are also diverse, he studied geography and environmental science at University and between polar trips runs a property consultancy to the construction industry. “Land is OK, but my passion is the ocean and this led me to gaining my Skipper’s licence in 2002 and working on luxury yachts in Europe. A lot of my working life has been on water.” In 2011 Dutch led his own two week kayak and camping trip starting and finishing in Ittoqqortoormiit East Greenland. “It will be great to return to this area in 2014 and explore it further with fellow adventurers and the great Quark team.”

“North and South are two of the world’s great destinations – the emptiness, people, history, ice and animals are unbeatable. I love the challenge of the high latitudes.” Dutch is clearly a polar addict.