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Liz Teague

Marine Biologist & Geologist

Liz is an avid traveler and wildlife enthusiast, and her passion for exploring new environments, wildlife and cultures has taken her throughout the 7 continents of the world. She has a love of hiking in Polar Regions, exploring the ocean and, above all, sharing these experiences with the people around her.

Liz studied in her home city of Sydney, Australia, completing a BSc with a focus on marine biology and geology (she studied the marine biodiversity of Fiji and the volcanic landscapes of New Zealand). Further research includes collaborating with the Australian Antarctic Division and the ASC Worldwide Microplastics Project, and making ongoing contributions to marine mammal catalogues such as those for the Norwegian Polar Institute as well as the North Atlantic Blue Whale Catalogue.

It is Liz’s passion for the environment that drives her to explore and share all that this beautiful world has to offer.