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Niki Trudeau


Niki’s love and passion for the outdoors was born from adventures in Canadian lakes and forests as a child. Fresh from university, she took on a role at Students on Ice, coordinating and guiding educational expeditions for youth in the Arctic and Antarctica. With this Canadian non-profit, she also organized and presented youth forums and an educators workshop on polar education. Here, she came to work with students and elders from the Arctic who inspired in her an interest in and deep respect for Inuit culture and traditional knowledge. As a result, Niki has also worked with Nunavut Sivuniksavut, a special college program for Inuit students from Nunavut. In her travels, Niki was charmed by the wilderness and landscapes of Patagonia which became her home for three of the past four years. While living in Ushuaia, she taught English, organized logistics for a Discovery Channel television episode and snowboarded in Ushuaia. In the Arctic and Patagonia, she recently started creating plant presses, clay plant imprints and tea infusions using plants of the tundra and taiga as they combine both her love for being on the land and her creative streak. In 2017 Niki will also work on Canada C3, a 5-month long, pan-Canadian expedition sailing the 3 coasts of Canada, celebrating 150 years of confederation in Canada. When not working at the ends of the earth, she travels, camps, hikes, bakes, reads and spends time with friends and family who patiently await their nomad back home.