Richard Weber

Founder and Host at Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge

Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge founder and host Richard started working in the field of arctic tourism with the world’s first commercial North Pole trek in 1993, and conducted hiking and kayaking trips on Baffin Island. Richard has a distinguished, unparalleled polar pedigree spanning decades, with a history of polar firsts and record-breaking accomplishments.

A renowned polar explorer, Richard has completed more than 60 Arctic, North Pole and South Pole expeditions and more successful treks to the North Pole than anyone in history. He has achieved diverse polar firsts, including the first surface crossing of the Arctic Ocean from Russia to Canada, and in the North Pole; the first snowshoe trek; the first guided unsupported trek; the first commercial trek; and the first trek without resupplies.

Richard has recently been appointed to the Order of Canada for his “pioneering work as an explorer, adventurer and advocate for Arctic research and preservation.” This honor recognizes Richard’s 30 years of polar exploration, 2 arctic lodges and countless expeditions across all Polar Regions.


Other Accomplishments

  • Member of the High Order of Canada
  • Co-authored 2 books on his polar adventures, Polar Attack: From Canada to the North Pole, and Back and Polar Bridge, The Soviet Canadian Trans-Arctic Expedition
  • Completed his 7th journey to the North Pole, starting from land, 2010
  • Completed 1986 Steger International Polar Expedition
  • Completed 1988 Polar Bridge Expedition
  • Completed 1993 North Pole Dash, last degree
  • Completed 1995 Weber-Malakhov Expedition
  • Completed North Pole classic 2006, unsupported
  • 2009 Guinness World Record for fastest trek to the South Pole; 2010 Guinness World Record for fastest trek to the North Pole
  • Member of Canada’s national cross-country ski team for 7 years
  • Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Vermont


Richard Weber, founder Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge

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