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Sarah Hrdlicka

Wellness Guide

Sarah is a lifelong wanderer at heart. In her 20s, she studied yoga in India and tango in Argentina while getting a few university degrees under her belt. In an attempt to settle down, she took up the task of becoming bilingual and worked in urban planning in Montreal, Canada, for a number of years.

While that was an exciting challenge, the future began to look a bit too sedentary for Sarah, at which point she began working for Quark Expeditions in Antarctica, starting up the company’s first on-board wellness program. Thirsty for more outdoor adventure, she apprenticed as a sea kayak guide in the Bay of Fundy, which led to her founding her own sea kayak, yoga and stand-up paddleboard company in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada. She now divides her time between Antarctica and the Maritimes. This is her fifth season working in Antarctica.